Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to my website looking back on social psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan in the 1980s (primarily 1984-1989, the years I was in the program).

Those of you who were there at the same time will (hopefully) enjoy the trip down memory lane; also, the links to former students' current webpages may help you reconnect with some of your classmates. Perhaps others of you would have occasion to advise undergraduate students about possibly going to grad school at UM. Many of the faculty members and Ann Arbor institutions from the 1980s to which I will be referring in future entries are still around (see current faculty), so this page might serve as a complement to the official social psych program website.

In the coming weeks, months, and years, I plan to post entries discussing everything from some of the major research projects of the 80s, to the popular music of the day, to my favorite Ann Arbor establishments (from the Ark to Zingerman's). Faculty, post docs, grad students, and even undergraduate students who went on in the field are topics I plan to cover. I welcome any blurbs anyone out there would like to write up and send me for posting; additions and corrections to my content are also welcome. My e-mail address is alan.reifman@ttu.edu .

I will start today with links to the current webpages of some people with whom I attended grad school. Given the illustrious people who received their Ph.D. in the UM program in earlier eras, it would be silly of me to claim the accomplishments of 80s students were unique (although many 80s-era graduates have had very successful careers, including a few who have received the APA Early Career Award). In coming weeks, I will also address other topics as noted above, as well as people associated with the closely related personality psychology program and the joint social-work program.

Links to Current Webpages of Some of My Classmates, 1984-1989
(I plan to add more links as I learn of them, including those to students from the 80s who preceded or came after me)

Monica Biernat

Lisa Brown

Chris Crandall

Susan Cross

Steven Fein

Donna Henderson-King

Eaaron Henderson-King

Bob Josephs

Lee Jussim

Shinobu Kitayama

Jill Klein

Stuart Korshavn

Jon Krosnick

Ziva Kunda

Rick Larrick

Darrin Lehman

Gretchen Lopez

Daniel McIntosh

Michael Morris

Sheila Murphy

Tom Nelson

Paula Niedenthal

Kerth O'Brien

Alan Reifman

Carolin Showers

Steven Spencer

Bill von Hippel

Bernd Wittenbrink

This is a purely unofficial website. No endorsement by the University of Michigan or any of its component units is claimed.