Saturday, May 28, 2005

Social Psychologists Who Spent Time at Both Michigan and Ohio State

Last weekend, I traveled to Ohio State University. I was there primarily for a conference on the teaching of statistics, but while there also gave a talk before the Group for Attitudes and Persuasion within the social psychology program and visited with faculty and graduate-student members of the group. I enjoy photographing college campuses, so I put together a photo essay of the Ohio State campus.

I thought it would be fitting to do a list of the "Ohio State-Michigan connection," enumerating social psychologists (and others in related disciplines) with formal ties to both universities (I have previously done UCLA-Michigan and Stanford-Michigan lists, which can be found in this blog's archives).

Considering the physical proximity of Michigan and Ohio State (such that an undergrad at one school might want to go to grad school at the other), both schools' membership in the Big Ten athletic conference, and the fact that both schools have long had thriving social psych programs, I would have expected a large list of people with both Buckeye and Wolverine ties. However, in my first cut at it, at least, the list is fairly small. As always, suggestions for additions to the list and any factual corrections are welcome. Here's the list (updated 6/2/05):

Ohio State undergraduate-UM graduate student

Bert Raven

Graduate degrees from both schools

Susan Cross (M.A. in Higher Education, Ohio State; Ph.D. in social psych, UM)

Ohio State graduate student-UM post doc

Roger Kirk (Baylor University, psychology/statistics)

Ohio State graduate student-UM faculty member

Monique Fleming (now at UCLA)
Joseph Priester (now at UCLA)
David Ronis (researcher in UM School of Nursing)
Denise Sekaquaptewa
Claude Steele (now at Stanford)

UM graduate student-Ohio State faculty member

Hal Arkes (quantitative)
Jon Krosnick (now at Stanford)
Tom Nelson (also a UM undergrad, Ph.D. in social psych, faculty position in political science)
Bill von Hippel (now at University of New South Wales)