Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Krosnick Wins AAPOR Lifetime Achievement Award

Jon Krosnick, a 1985 Ph.D. from the social psych program at Michigan, has been awarded the American Association for Public Opinion Research's lifetime achievement award. A faculty member at Stanford (and before that at Ohio State), Jon has been a leading figure in survey-research methodology and the study of attitudes, in particular. In 2007, I wrote on this blog about Jon's appearance before a Congressional committee on the use of survey methods to gather systematic data from airline pilots on risk-elevating events (e.g., "miscommunications between pilots and air traffic controllers, disturbances caused by passengers, bird strikes, or aircraft flying too close to one another"). Congrats to Jon!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Biernat Named PSPR Editor

Monica Biernat, a member of the same entering graduate-school cohort with me (1984, graduating in '89) and a professor for the last 22 years at the University of Kansas, has been named the new editor of Personality and Social Psychology Review. Congrats to Monica!